Acorn Wells Counselling Courses Eastleigh, near Southampton in Hampshire.

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Meet the core team

Vicky Mould: Tutor
I'm Vicky, and I am the Lead Tutor for the courses, and also the founder and owner of Acorn Wells. I have felt a deep connection to the Person Centred Approach for over 18 years, and it's a way of being that I value in all my relationships.

I also maintain an established counselling practice in Eastleigh, with a specialist interest in bereavement and loss, mental health, self-esteem and relationship issues. My background is in the public and charity sector, and I bring a lot of this experience to my counselling and training work.

Karen Prouton: Course Interviewer
I'm Karen, and I assist in the interview and selection process for the courses. I also maintain an established counselling practice in Eastleigh, with a specialist interest in learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions.

I am a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Tutor, and have provided courses for the general public, NHS staff and professionals. My background is in the NHS, having worked in a multi-disciplinary learning disabilities team for the past 17 years.

Sarah Powell: Administrative Officer
I'm Sarah, and I provide admin support to all prospective and registered students. I have ventured into self-employment after being the home-parent, and I am delighted to be part of the team. I have a background in law firms, having worked as a Legal Secretary for 12 years.

Why train with us?

Course design: We have developed a new counselling training programme within the Person Centred Approach, which is firmly grounded in passion, creativity, flexibility, and solid experience of the approach.

Course delivery: We are the only Eastleigh-based independent counselling training organisation, and we offer a rich learning experience that is equal to other good counselling courses, yet also unique in terms of its delivery.

Student learning: Our experiential activities have been uniquely designed to reflect the attitudes and skills of the Person Centred helper, which can enable students to really assimilate their learning, and develop a sound understanding of the approach.

Course fees: Our course fees reflect the duration, depth and quality of our training programme, and our ongoing support for students.

Training programme and ethical standards

We facilitate the learning and development of one counselling approach, and we feel this promotes understanding, consistency, competent and ethical practice.

We regard the Person Centred Approach as relevant in an ever-changing world, and with its emphasis on flexibility and creativity, it enables students to develop their own interpersonal style.

We adhere to the National Counselling Society's (NCS) Code of Ethical Practice, and all students are required to adhere to the same. Students enrolled on the Certificate course will gain an understanding of the ethics that are relevant to the use of counselling skills.

Philosophy and core values

The Person Centred Approach is based in a philosophy about people and human relationships, and this philosophy is something we genuinely live by, and strive to model in our interactions with each other, our students, and anyone else that we may have contact with.

We hold a fundamental belief that everyone has the potential to grow and change, and we seek to create an environment where students recognise and value their own and others’ potential.

Trust and respect: We value an environment that is based in mutual trust and respect, and we believe this is fundamental to developing meaningful relationships with others. We regard respect as a basic human need, and we are committed to respecting others, as well as ourselves.

Openness: We value an environment that is based in open communication, and where everyone can share feelings, ideas and experiences in a respectful way. We encourage everyone to be open to new experiences and personal development.

Acceptance: We value an environment that is both welcoming and inclusive, and where everyone can be themselves without judgement or criticism. We hold a fundamental belief in other peoples’ worth and potential, and we are committed to valuing others.

Curiosity and creativity: We value an environment that is based in a desire to learn about ourselves, and from each other. We value fun, imagination, and self-expression through different methods, and we believe this brings a richness to learning and to life.

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